Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines needed to streamline their procurement process for printed materials such as baggage tags, boarding passes, heavy luggage tags, etc.. With an expanding base of airport stations throughout Canada and the United States, most with limited storage space, it was time for the airline to implement a new system to ensure stations could order just enough supply to run operations, be able to obtain new orders quickly, and not run out of precious storage space.

EPM worked directly with the operations team at Porter, Eagle Forms and Profecta to develop a custom procurement system that would allow all teams involved in operations, sales, production, warehousing, shipping, and accounting to work together using a custom cloud based application.

Station employees can login and place orders, which are then approved management. The system is mobile friendly, so managers can complete the approval process via smart phones or tablets.

Approved orders are then sent to the warehouse, where produced items are waiting to be shipped out. Each item shipped is deducted from the inventory counts, and low-level warnings are sent to production teams when it is time to replenish stored inventories.

When an order is shipped out, invoices are generated and submitted directly to Porter’s accounts payables team. Porter’s operations team can generate insightful reports on each station’s usage of each product and use this data to anticipate required inventory for each coming year.

The system included several fail safe mechanisms to prevent ordering errors, such as minimum and maximum ordering amounts by product, by station to ensure only pre approved amounts are delivered to each station.

The system also has the ability to learn how much a station tends to order of a particular product, so when a station employee logs in to place an order, the predicted order is already generated in the system. All the employee needs to do is tweak the amount of each item required, and submit the order.