Web Hosting

Web hosting is the service of making your site or application available to the world wide web. In order to provide this service, your website must be located on a web server (computer) located in a data centre. The data center is a building that houses large backbone connections to the internet. These large backbone connections are what give webhosts the ability to serve your content to thousands of people simultaneously.

EPM has partnered with two of North America’s most notable data centers to provide our clients with the most reliable web hosting available today. Our data center partners implement the highest security protocols in their buildings including keycard and biometric scanning and interior and exterior surveillance monitoring.

The datacenters us N+1 redundant HVAC systems to ensure the cooling systems are fail proof and your server is kept within acceptable operating temperatures at all times. As well, the HVAC systems circulate and filter the air supply every 90 seconds ensuring the removal of dust and other contaminants.

The data centers are operate on contained power, which means they are not affected by general power outages. Should a power outage occur, the systems automatically switch to a fully redundant uninterruptable power supply, with a secondary UPS system for additional backup.


On average, a hacker attempts to break into one of our servers every 60 seconds. EPM takes this threat incredibly serious. Each one of our servers is audited and hardened  by a certified server security professional. Every site hosted on our network is monitored by SecureLive, a security monitoring service that instantly detects threats to your website and blocks access to the IP address of the attacker. All information is traced and sent to federal authorities by a team of live security administrators.

Backup Protection

As much caution as we take against server attacks, the fact is, everyone is susceptible. Even banks and fortune 500 companies with billion dollar security budgets have vulnerabilities. Apple’s latest iPhone software was hacked within hours of its release. We believe in taking steps to ensure the least amount of impact on a server security breach. Every website we host is backed up via a triple redundant off site backup system and retained for up to one month. Every night we create the following backups:

1. On site mirror backup of the entire server. This includes all sites, all OS files and settings. This mirror can be restored to it’s backed up state within 10 minutes of an event.

2. On site individual account backups. Each account is backed up in its own backup file. These backups include your file directory and databases. These backups can be restored within 10 minutes or less. Clients can request a free restore at any time.

3. Off site backup 1. Your account backup is copied to an offsite server and stored for up to one month. These backups may take a few hours to restore. Clients can request a restore at any time, however a fee is required if the need for a restore is not a result of a failure by EPM.

4. Off site backup 2. Your account backup is copied to a second offsite server and stored, adding a third layer of redundancy. These backups may take a few hours to restore. Clients can request a restore at any time, however a fee is required if the need for a restore is not a result of a failure by EPM.


Pricing for web hosting depends on the requirements of your site such as storage, bandwidth, number of users, number of emails. A basic package starts at $16.95/month.

EPM provides dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and virtual shared hosting packages. Every hosting account is provided cPanel access, which allows clients to manage databases, email accounts, and more.